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Let's get real here. Coaching - especially in reading and writing - is tough. I get it. I've been there myself!

Coaches are asked to be the expert on campus, often without any additional training.

Coaches aren't given the tools they need and they're left to figure things out on their own.

Teacher relationships can be difficult, and piecing together a process for working with resistant teachers can feel impossible.

And don't get me started on working with grade levels. The different personalities in each grade are enough to make any coach dread PLC day.

This can leave coaches feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and isolated.

But you can change all of that.

Imagine this:

You have a plan that helps you accomplish your most important goals, and you know where your campus is headed.

You communicate with administration and teachers clearly, and your approach for working with individual teachers and PLCs is effective.

You have an extensive knowledge of best practices in reading and writing and you're able to draw on that to support your teachers, K-5.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, it can become your reality.

Meet Your Coach: Chrissy Beltran

I'm an instructional coach and consultant for elementary and middle schools. I've provided coaching support and resource creation for instructional coaches and teachers since I left my fourth grade classroom eight years ago. In this course, I teach you the exact processes and tools I've created to coach elementary school teachers in reading and writing!


1. Register for the Confident Literacy Coach

If you're ready for a change, it's easy to do. Just make the decision today that tomorrow will be different. Register where it says, "Get the course." Get started by printing your guidebook: it's full of tools and resources that will help you do the work of coaching!

2. Complete the modules

Learn about defining and communicating your role, managing your time, which best practices are essential for reading and writing, how to conduct a coaching cycle, a process for collaborative planing, and what to do when your teams aren't working well together.

3. Coach more effectively

Each lesson includes an actionable next step that will help you apply the learning to your own coaching. It'll give you the tools you need to turn the ideas you've learned into action that will effectively support teaching and learning on your campus!

Ready to coach with confidence?

What will I learn about?

This module includes five lessons:

1. Defining your coaching role
2. Communicating with administration
3. Introducing your role to teachers
4. Creating your coaching personality
5. Building relationships with teachers

There are four lessons in this module:

1. Focusing your time on high-impact strategies
2. Identifying daily/weekly/monthly tasks
3. Selecting three big priorities
4. Planning for the week

There are five lessons in this course:

1. Introducing best practices in reading
2. Setting teaches up for success
3. Coaching each part of the framework
4. Addressing common misconceptions about comprehension
5. Identifying five high-impact strategies

This module includes 5 lessons:

1. Introducing best practices in writing
2. Setting teaches up for success
3. Coaching each part of the framework
4. Addressing common misconceptions about the writing process
5. Identifying five high-impact strategies

This module includes five lessons:

1. Introducing the coaching cycle: pre-conference
2. Conducting observations/visits
3. Modeling lessons
4. Co-teaching lessons
5. Preparing for debriefing conversations

There are five lessons in this module:

1. Identifying group dynamics
2. Creating norms and agreements
3. Looking at student work together
4. Digging into data together
5. Planning collaboratively

This course includes...

Six video modules

Each module includes 4-5 lessons to help you learn exactly how to do the work of a coach. Streamline your processes, communicate more effectively, and build your knowledge base.

The Coaching Guidebook

The Coaching Guidebook is a 100 page resource that includes every document you'll need to plan collaboratively, visit classrooms, identify your next steps for PLCs, and more.

Bonus materials

Bonus materials for this course include teacher tools for reading and writing, surveys and checklists for setting up reading and writing best practices, rubrics, coaching invitations, and teacher notes!

"Thank you for taking the time to create a resource for coaches. I have spent every evening for the past few weeks with you, and now I'm ready to implement your strategies. I just recently met with my new administrator and discussed our campus' high impact strategies which you helped me realized our campus has. I just didn't know what to call them. She was very impressed! I definitely feel more confident in my role and ability as a coach. Thank you again. You are a blessing!!!"

Instructional Coach


The two options are both the same exact course! I added the two monthly payments option for people who need to stretch their payments over two months, but you're getting the same course & resources either way!

Two monthly payments of



  • Six Modules
  • 29 Lessons
  • The Guidebook
  • Bonus printable resources

Summer Price!


One-time payment

  • Six Modules
  • 29 Lessons
  • The Guidebook
  • Bonus Printable Resources

Sure, you can do it all on your own...

but aren't you tired of reinventing the wheel? As a literacy coach, you can spend all of your time putting out fires and never get to the important work that grows your teachers...and your school. This course gives you everything you need from start to finish so you can coach effectively, with confidence!

Get the course

Six carefully designed modules

give you the tools and processes you need, one step at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take this course at your own pace! Everything is available from the moment you're registered. A recommended timeline has been included for people who start the course in the break before the school year begins, but you are able to take as long as you need...or you can finish it all in one week!

There are six modules in the course. Inside of each module, there are 4-5 lessons for a total of 29 lessons covering important topics for elementary literacy coaches.

The length of each lesson varies. Each lesson includes an instructional video and a reference to the pages in the Guidebook that will help you record and apply the learning. Many lessons also include bonus materials. The videos are between 10 - 35 minutes in length.

This course is created for instructional coaches who coach K-5 teachers in reading and/or writing. School leaders can also benefit from this course.

When I created this course, I had my work with K-5 teachers in mind. However, I have also worked with middle school teachers and applied these practices. The modules will still be relevant to middle school coaches who coach reading and writing.

Yes! You will be able to download and print a certificate or 15 hours of professional development.

The cadre meets once a week on Mondays at 8:30 pm EST. The first live session is on August 17 and the cadre runs until September 28 with a week of for Labor Day. Join the cadre for the support to start your year strong!

I do accept Purchase Orders. Please contact your school or district to see if they will cover the cost of the course! They can email me directly at [email protected] with a PO or a PO number.


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